Abscissa definition math

Abscissa. The - (horizontal) coordinate of a point in a two dimensional coordinate system. Physicists and astronomers sometimes use the term to refer to the axis itself instead

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Abscissa Definition & Meaning

abscissa. / ( æbˈsɪsə) /. noun plural -scissas or -scissae (-ˈsɪsiː) the horizontal or x -coordinate of a point in a two-dimensional system of Cartesian coordinates. It is the distance from the y

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Abscissa definition and meaning

The abscissa is a geometric coordinate of a point, which is useful to know how far the point is from origin in horizontal direction in two dimensional Cartesian coordinate system. It is measured from origin in horizontal direction by

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Abscissa Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

Definition of abscissa. : the horizontal coordinate of a point in a plane Cartesian coordinate system obtained by measuring parallel to the x-axis — compare ordinate.

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Abscissa and ordinate

In mathematics, the abscissa (/ æ b ˈ s ɪ s. ə /; plural abscissae or abscissas) and the ordinate are respectively the first and second coordinate of a point in a Cartesian coordinate system: abscissa ≡ x {\displaystyle \equiv x} -axis

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