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This is a collection of recent algebraic inequalities proposed in mathOlympiads from around the world. 1. (Azerbaijan JBMO TST 2015) With the conditions a, b, c R+ and a +b+ c = 1, prove that. 2. (Azerbaijan JBMO TST

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if b is 1, then the answer is x 3. The answer could be x 3 and we can't choose because we don't know b. So: Do not try dividing by a variable to solve an inequality


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Definition of Inequality. Inequality: Not equal. We use the following symbols to show that a math sentence is not equal: greater than > greater than or equal to < less than or equal to

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Formally, an algebraic inequality is an expression where, instead of the equal sign used in regular equations, one of the following signs is used: 1. Less than (For example:

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Algebraic Inequalities can be considered a continuation of the book Geometric Inequalities: Methods of Proving by the authors. This book can serve teachers, high-school students, and mathematical competitors. It may also be used as

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