Classifying differential equations

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myPhysicsLab Classifying Differential Equations

Another way of classifying differential equations is by order. Any ordinary differential equation can be written in the form (2.2.3) F ( x, y, y ′, y ″,, y ( 0)) = 0 by setting

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Classification of Differential Equations

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Classifying Differential Equations

Identify the order and linearity of each differential equation, then say whether or not each linear equation is homogeneous. 1. 8y + 2y + cos y = ex 2. 2y + 5y = xy 3. exy - ex+y = e2x 4. y + 5y =

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2. Classifying Differential Equations by Type, Order, Linearity

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2.2: Classification of Differential Equations

The most common classification of differential equations is based on order. The order of a differential equation simply is the order of its highest derivative. You can have first-