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A godsend in any math class in which the teacher has no idea what they're talking about, well done. Really a good app and it help me out in my studies and quickly solves the problem, but it can't solve sums containing multiple variables but I think it would recover this problem and this problem can't stop me to give it 5 stars.

Gary Pilgrim

Just verify that the equation to solve is entered correctly, especially when using the camera mode, it helps me to solve the challenging mathematical expressions, so i only upgraded to the solver and explainer on this app, not the tutoring, i suggest this math solver app if you have any problems it's very reliable you can even take a picture to any math problems.

Fred Rosas

5 star is not enough for this kind of great innovatoin. ACTUALLY, this App is GR8 , Always helps me when I get stucked in math question, been using this since 6t grade when it just came out it's great to see how much this has improved.

Pete Smith

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Differential Equation Solver

The Complementary function formula is defined as a part of the solution for the differential equation of the under-damped forced vibrations is calculated using Complementary function =