Solve Equations by Completing the Square: Practice

Directions Find the missing value to complete the square. Problem 1 x2 + 16x + Show Answer Problem 2 x2 + 20x + Show Answer Problem 3 x2 + 18x + Show Answer Problem 4 x2 + 5x + Show Answer Problem 5 x2 + 7x + Show Answer

Completing the Square

Example #1 So what does this look like in practice? Let's try changing this standard form equation ( y = x2 - 20 x - 25) into vertex form by completing the square. That requires us to turn

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Completing the square (intermediate)

Completing the square is useful because it gives us an alternative to the quadratic formula and can even solve problems that the quadratic formula cannot. While this previous problem

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Algebra II : Completing the Square

Solve for x by completing the square. On this final example, follow the complete the square formula 3-step method for finding the solutions* as follows: *Note that this problem will have imaginary solutions. Step 1/3: Move

Complete Square Practice

Example 1: Solve the equation below using the method of completing the square. Move the constant to the right side of the equation, while keeping the x x -terms on the left. I can do that

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