Identify the direction a parabola opens

How can you tell if the parabola shifts up or down? If the parabola is f (x) = ax^2 + bx + cthen f (x) + k shifts up by k. How can you tell if a porabola is opening up or down

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Understanding Parabolas

How can we determine if a parabola will open up or down? When will a quadratic function have a minimum or maximum?

Identifying the Direction a Parabola Opens from the Equation

1): when parabola is horizontal :s(h ; k) ; F(h +a ; k) it opens to the right. ; its equation is : (y - k)^2= 4a (x - h) 2) : it is horizontal S(h ; k) ; F(h -a ) it opens to left its equation is: (y -k)^2= - 4a(x - h)

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How can I tell whether a parabola opens upward or downward?

Parabolas have a shape that resembles (but is not the same as) the letter U. Parabolas may open upward or downward. If the sign of the leading coefficient, a, is positive (a > 0), the parabola
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Characteristics of Parabolas

How do you know which way a parabola opens? The first parabola opens upwards (is a U shape) and the second parabola opens downwards (is an upside down U shape). Given

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