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There is Equation solver calculator that can make the process much easier.

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What our customers say

Helpful 10/10, amazing, Show you step by step so that you understand the solution instead of a plug and play, perfect, If I ever need help with any type of equation or anything I just go on this app, take a photo of it and get the solution right away! Plus, it also shows the way to get to the solution, so I can understand what are the steps to get to the solution.

Dane Pierro

This app is great for crunching derivatives. Use it daily. 5/5 highly recommend. Good clear steps that help you see the steps to algebra after watching only 1 video, just imagine how talented and hard working developers are! It doesn't only show you the answers and steps to answers, but also exlpains why that makes it so much easier to understand, especially with PLUS version that is so cheap and so worth it.

Norman Hensley

This app is most definantly a five star. I love how it helps me on my homework but, whenever I use the camera and take a picture of a problem it does not answer the problem, but other than that I still use it and it helps a lot.

Lawrence Smith

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Algebra Calculator

System of Equations Calculator Determinant Calculator Eigenvalue Calculator Matrix Inverse Calculator About solving equations A value c c is said to be a root of a polynomial p(x) p ( x) if p(c) = 0 p ( c) = 0. The largest exponent of x x