Linear Equations

The linear model equation is y =mx+b y = m x + b where y represents the output value, m represents the slope or rate of change, x represents the input value, and b represents

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Intro to linear equation standard form

For example, if 2x = 2 – Y is the linear equation, we can substitute the x value to be x = 0. The equation will then become 2(0) = 2 – Y, which will equal to Y = 2. 6.)
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Linear Equations

For example, the equations $latex 4x+1=5$ and $latex 2x+12=4x-2$ are linear equations. To solve linear equations, we have to apply different operations to both sides of the equal sign, so

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Linear Equations

A linear equation can have more than one variable. If the linear equation has two variables, then it is called linear equations in two variables

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Linear Equations

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