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Find the measure of angle a to the nearest degree

How to find the measure of the indicated angle to the nearest degree?

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1. To the nearest degree, find the measure of angle A. 26°

Possible Answers: Correct answer: Explanation: A triangle has three angles that will add up to degrees. Convert the radians angle to degrees by substituting for every . The third angle is 60

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all possible m/A to the nearest degree.

γ = 180 ° − α − β = 180 ° − 30 ° − 51.06 ° = 98.94 °. \gamma = 180\degree- \alpha - \beta = 180\degree- 30\degree - 51.06\degree= 98.94\degree γ = 180°−α −β = 180°− 30°− 51.06° = 98.94°. The triangle angle


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To find the indicated angle we use sine. sin ∅ = opposite / hypotenuse. From the question . The opposite is 37. The hypotenuse is 41. So we have. sin ? = 37/41? = sin-¹ 37/41? = 64.4805? = 64° to the nearest degree.

G.SRT.C.8: Using Trigonometry to Find an Angle 1b

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