Find magnitude of cross product

Explain how to find the magnitude of the cross product 𝐮 ×𝐯.Watch the full video at:

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The cross product

First of all, the cross product of two vectors a and b denoted by a x b is the vector ab sin θ n where a and b are the magnitudes of the vectors a and b, θ is the angle measured from a

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Cross Product (vector Product)

The magnitude of the resulting vector can also be calculated using a cross product. If θ is the angle between the given vectors, then the formula is given by A × B = A B sin θ A → × B → = a b

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What is the magnitude of cross product of two vectors?

t!Solution: The cross product of two vectors is another vector that is perpendicular to both the given vectors. Physical significance of the cross product of → a a → × → b b →: 1) The
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