Find x and y components of a vector

This short tutorial shows how to find the x and y components of a vector.

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How to Find Vector Components

To find the direction of the vector when its components Ax A x and Ay A y are given we use. tanθ = Ax Ay tan θ = A x A y. or, θ = tan−1(Ax Ay) θ = tan − 1 ( A x A y) This is how you identify the direction angle of a vector in a plane when you have knowledge of x and y components of a vector. See more

8.8: Vectors

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Finding the x and y Components of a Vector Part 1

The x component of the vector = \(V_x\) = VCosθ = 12.Cos45º = 12.(1/√2) = 6√2. The y component of the vector = \(V_y\) = VSinθ = 12.Sin45º = 12.(1/√2) = 6√2. Therefore, the x component and the y components of the vector are both equal

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Define resultant vector.

And then, the second component is going to be our change in Y. And to think about that, let's just think about what our starting and final points are, our initial and our terminal point are. So, this point right over here, point A, its coordinates are (4,4). And then point B, its coordinates

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Resultant Vector Formula

sin (50°) = opposite/hypotenuse = y-component/8. cos (50°) = adjacent/hypotenuse = x-component/8. Rearranging these (solving for the y-component and

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