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Angle in Right-Angled Triangle, using Trigonometry on Casio

Right triangle calculation. Formulas used for calculations on this page: Pythagoras' Theorem. a 2 + b 2 = c 2. Trigonometric functions: sin (A) = a/c, cos (A) = b/c, tan (A) = a/b. sin (B) = b/c, cos (B) = a/c, tan (B) = b/a. Area = a*b/2

Basic Geometry : How to find an angle in a right triangle

Step 1 The two sides we are using are O pposite (70) and H ypotenuse (w). Step 2 SOH CAHTOA tells us to use S ine. Step 3 Write down: sin 68° = 70/w Step 4 Solve:
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Right Triangle Calculator

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