Finding lcm of rational expressions

First find the lcm of all numerator of rational number then find the gcd of all the denominator of rational number then divide lcm of all numerator/ gcd of all the denominator

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Least common multiple of polynomials (video)

We wanna find the least common multiple. So let's factor each of them. So this first one, three z to the third minus six z squared minus nine z. Let's see. Immediately, let's see, all of these terms are divisible by three z, so let's factor

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Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions with Unlike

Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) of Expressions. The LCM of given expression is the smallest expression that is divisible by each of the given expressions. To find the LCM of given

Finding the Least Common Multiple of Polynomials

The least common multiple for rational expressions is found in two steps. Factor the denominators in the rational expressions to be added or subtracted. The least common multiple will be the factors that both


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Simplifying Rational Expressions

Find least common multiple in rational expressions. This series walks you through the steps of finding the least common multiple in rational

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