The Central Limit Theorem for Sample Means (Averages)

From the table, you determine that P(Z > 1.44) = 1 – 0.9251 = 0.0749.So if it’s true that 38 percent of all students taking the exam want math help, then in a random sample of
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Distribution of the Sample Mean

To find the mean (sometimes called the “expected value”) of any probability distribution, we can use the following formula: Mean (Or Expected Value) of a Probability
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Lesson 7: Calculating Probabilities involving the Sample

Therefore, you need to find the distribution of the sample mean when n = 24 assuming the population is infinite (i.e., the usual case). You can then convert this distribution

Normal Probability Calculator for Sampling Distributions

And so essentially we want to know the probability-- the Z-table will tell you how much area is below this value. So if you go to z of 2.02-- that was the value that we were dealing with, right. You have 2.02

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