Finding surface area

Surface area is the total amount of spacFinding the surface area of a three-dDefine the formula for surface area of a , where a is the length of a side. Sin, where a is the length of one side.The units of surface area w See more

Surface area of a box (cuboid) (video)

The surface area of a frustum is given by, A= 2πrl A = 2 π r l where, r = 1 2 (r1 +r2) r1 =radius of right end r2 =radius of left end r = 1 2 ( r 1 + r 2) r 1 = radius of right end r 2 = radius of left end and l l is the length of the

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How To Find The Surface Area Of A Rectangular Prism

The surface area formula for a rectangular box is 2 x (height x width + width x length + height x length), as seen in the figure below: Since a rectangular box or tank has opposite sides which are equal, we calculate each unique side's area

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