Graph a polar equation

Let’s start with polar equations that result in circle graphs: Here are some polar equations that result in lines: Here are graphs that we call Cardioids and Limacons. They are in the form or


Polar Coordinate Grapher

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7.3 Polar Coordinates

With the polar coordinate grapher you will be able to graph all kinds of polar equations quickly and easily, without having to install anything on your computer, smartphone or tablet. For graphing

How to Plot Polar Coordinates

Example 1: Graph the polar equation r = 1 – 2 cos θ. Solution: Identify the type of polar equation . The polar equation is in the form of a limaçon, r = a – b cos θ. Find the ratio of . a b. to

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Graphs of Polar Equations

The curve results from the polar equation defined by r and θ. Use polar grids or polar planes to plot the polar curve and this graph is defined by all sets of (r, θ), that satisfy the given polar

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