How to find the perimeter of a prism

We will explore How to find the perimeter of a prism can help students understand and learn algebra.

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Surface Area of Prism


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Surface Area of a Prism

Formula: P = S1 + S2 + S3. P = Perimeter of triangle Prism. S1 = Side 1. S2 = Side 2. S3 = Side 3.

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How do you find the perimeter of a rectangular prism?

Perimeter of Prism Perimeter of triangle = a + b + c text{Perimeter of triangle } = a + b. View All Result

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How to Find the Perimeter of a Prism

Step 1: Find the surface area of the base or the top of the prism. The top and base will have the same area, so we need Step 2: Find the perimeter of the base of the prism. Multiply the