How to find slope and y intercept on a table

The following table of values represents points x comma y on the graph of a linear function. Determine the y-intercept of this graph. So just as a reminder of what the y-intercept even is, if you imagine a

Find the X and Y Intercepts of a Line Using Algebra

He explains that the general form of slope intercept form which is y = m*x + b. Now he intends to find value of slope, i.e. m first. Now slope is change in y over change in x. He

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How to find Y Intercept on a Graph or Table

Change in y is equal to negative 2. So our slope, which is equal to change in y over change in x, is equal to negative 2/3. And if you wanted to relate that to the formulas that you normally see for slope
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Finding the slope, y intercept, and equation for a

Slope intercept form is y = mx + b. b is the y-intercept Use any coordinate to find b I will use (-2,3) to plug into the slope-intercept form. 3 = (1/2) (-2) + b 3 = -1 + b b = 4 The y

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Finding Slope and y Intercept from a table

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