How to get exponents on word

Step 1 Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft Word 2013 To type an exponent, place the cursor where you want the exponent and then click X2 in the Home tab. Video of the Day Step 2 Type the exponent. Step 3 Click X2 again to

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How Do I Get the Little Numbers by Words in Microsoft Word

To add exponents in WordWord, use the shortcut key (Ctrl + Shift + =). This will bring up the Insert Symbol dialog box. Select the desired symbol and the

Inserting and Formatting Exponents in Word

How to Use an Exponent in a Word Document. Open your document in Word. Position your cursor where you want the exponent in the

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How To Type Exponents Using 5 Different Methods

Select the number and press Ctrl+Shift+= ( Ctrl and Shift and all together) or right click and select Font to initiate the Font dialog where you can assign Su p

How to Write Fractional Exponents in Word

Place your cursor in the text area where you need to insert the symbol. Press Control + Command + Space bar to bring up the Character Viewer. Alternatively, choose Edit >