Use continuity to evaluate the limit.

View the full answer Transcribed image text: Tutorial Exercise Use continuity to evaluate the limit. 20 + x lim x →16 20 + x Step 1 Consider the intervals for which the numerator and the
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2.5 Continuity 1. Overview

First, a function f with variable x is continuous at the point “a” on the real line, if the limit of f (x), when x approaches the point “a”, is equal to the value of f (x) at “a”, i.e., f (a). Second, the

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Use Continuity to calculate the limit

This homework problem asks me to use continuity to evaluate this limit, I would like to double-check that I have following the right procedure. The problem is as follows: lim x → π sin ( x +

Use continuity to evaluate the limit. Limit as x approaches pi/4

lim x → π f ( x) = f ( π) = 8 sin ( π + sin ( π)) = 8 sin ( π) = 0. With continuity, the value of the limit is equal to the expression evaluated at the limiting value of x. (I.e., you get the correct limit by


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