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Vance Humphrey

I expected the photo function to be spotty but it works perfect, she is comfortable with the way the answers are given, 6 bc it doesn't give u the full explanation for the answer which is what I need. I love this app and have been using it for as long as I can remember I usually don't leave reviews but this has been more than just helpful and incredibly straightforward and easy to use the only thing I wish they would add is support for multitasking on Android devices.

Christopher Sharber

Overall awesome app, this is such a great app if you need help on homework or just suck at math like me, it will really help me and the other students too if this option is made.

Homogeneous Kinetics Calculator

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Calculator. Get detailed solutions to your math problems with our Homogeneous and Heterogeneous step-by-step calculator. Practice your math skills and

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Ordinary Differential Equations Calculator

Homogeneous DE Solver Author: Ravinder Kumar A differential equation f(x,y) is said to be homogeneous if f(x,y) = g(y/x). This GeoGebra applet solves shows how to solve a

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Online Systems of Equations Solver

Use Math24.pro for solving differential equations of any type here and now. Our examples of problem solving will help you understand how to enter data and get the correct answer. An
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