How do you round to two decimal places

Math can be difficult to understand, but it's important to learn How do you round to two decimal places.

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Rounding to decimal places

The ROUND function rounds numbers to a certain number of decimal places that you configure. If the next digit to the right is between zero and four, it rounds down. So, for example, if you were rounding down to two decimal places, 8.532 would become 8.53. If the next digit is between five and nine, it rounds up. So, 8.538 would become 8.54.

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Round to Two Decimal Places

Look to the next smallest place value, the digit to the right of the place value you're rounding to. For example, if you want to round to the nearest ten you'd look at the ones place. If the digit in

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Rounding to 2 Decimal Places

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Rounding Decimals – Methods & Example

If you wanted to round up to 2 decimal places, add 0.005 to the number before rounding. Likewise to round down, subtract 0.005 before passing to Math.Round function. –