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How do you times fractions

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3 Ways to Multiply Fractions With Whole Numbers

#1: Know Whether to Expect a Big or Small Number Fraction multiplied by a whole number Whole number multiplied by a fraction Whole number divided by a fraction

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When you enter the amount of hours that an employee has worked in a time sheet, you must enter the minutes as a fraction of an hour. For example, if an employee worked one hour

Steps, Examples

Multiply the numerators of the two fractions. Remember that the numerators are the numbers above the lines. Write the result and place a line below it. In the example, 5/1 x 8/10, multiply 5 by 8 to get 40.

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3 Ways to Multiply Fractions With Whole Numbers

Example:1 2 ÷ 1 6 Step 1. Turn the second fraction upside down (it becomes a reciprocal ): 1 6 becomes 6 1 Step 2. Multiply the first fraction by that reciprocal: (multiply tops ) 1 2 × 6 1 = 1 × 6 2 × 1 = 6 2 ( multiply Step 3. Simplify the

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