How do you write a mixed number as a fraction

How to convert Improper fraction to a mixed fraction? Step 1: Divide the Fraction’s numerator with the denominator, i.e. 15/7. Step 2: The integer part of the answer will be the integer part for a mixed

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Mixed Fractions

Procedure: To write a mixed number as an improper fraction: Write the whole-number part as an improper fraction, using the denominator from the fractional part. Add the result from step 1

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Converting Mixed Numbers to Fractions

A mixed number is formed by combining three parts: a whole number, a numerator, and a denominator. The numerator and denominator are part of the proper fraction that makes the
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Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Important Tip for writing mixed numbers as improper fractions. Notice above that the denominator (bottom) of the fraction always stays the same. All the calculations will be done in the

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