Calculate Minimum Average Daily Balance (MADB)

How to Calculate Average Checking Account Balance Average Checking Account Balance Factors. Your bank statements almost always show a beginning date for each

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Current Account Monthly Average Balance (MAB) Calculator

The daily bank balance is shown in column E. Column G shows the number of days that the account has that balance. Column H multiplies the balance in E by the number of days in G.

How to Calculate Average Daily Balance

The calculation would look as follows: [ ($200 x 6 days) + ($300 x 13 days) + ($250 x 6 days)] / 25 = $264. Then, in order to find your interest charges for the period using the average daily balance method, you plug the $264 figure into the formula: (APR x No. of Days in the Billing Cycle x Average Daily Balance) / 365. See more


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Average Daily Balance Credit Card Calculator

For example, if your opening balance on July 1 was $3,500 and your closing balance on July 31 was $2,500 , you would add $3,500 and $2,500 and divide that number (

Average Daily Balance Method

Days 21-25: $175 ($25 credit) You must total your balance from each day in the billing cycle to calculate your average daily balance, even the days that your balance didn't

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