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How to classify polynomials

Polynomials can be classified two different ways - by the number of terms and by their degree. 1. Number of terms. A monomial has just one term. For example, 4x 2 .Remember that a term

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Classification of Polynomials

If you're asked to classify a polynomial like 3 x3y2 - 4 xy3 + 6 x (which contains more than one kind of variable in some or all of its terms) according to its degree, add the exponents in each
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Types of Polynomials

These exponents help in classifying the polynomial by its degree, which aids in solving and graphing of the polynomial. Rearrange the terms of the polynomial from greatest to least. For example, the polynomial is 2xy + 4x² +
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Classifying Polynomials

There are names for higher powers of polynomials, but generally, these are referred to by their order: a sixth-degree polynomial, for example Now we can classify a polynomial by its degree

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Classifying Polynomials

Polynomials can be classified by the degree of the polynomial. The degree of a polynomial is the degree of its highest degree term. So the degree of 2x3 +3x2+8x+5 2 x 3 + 3 x 2 + 8 x + 5 is 3. A

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