How to do first derivative test

We have two critical points, so we need to analyze the sign of the derivative on three intervals. First we need a number x<-√2. We can take x=-3/2=-1.5. Remember that the square root of two

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Finding relative extrema (first derivative test)

Step 1: Finding To find the relative extremum points of , we must use . So we start with differentiating : [Show Step 2: Finding all critical points and all points where is undefined. The

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Critical points and the first derivative test

Take a number line and put down the critical numbers you have found: 0, –2, and 2. You divide this number line into four Pick a value from each region, plug it into the first
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First Derivative Test for Local Extrema

The First Derivative Test states that if we are given a continuous and differentiable function f, and c is a critical number of function f, then f (c) can be classified as follows: If f’ (x)

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First Derivative Test

The first derivative test is a way to find if a critical point of a continuous function is a relative minimum or maximum. Simply, if the first derivative is negative to the left of the critical point

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