How to find volume for a triangular prism

Step 1: The base triangle is an equilateral triangle with its side as a = 6. So its area is found using the formula, √3a 2 /4 = √3 (6) 2 /4 = 9√3 square inches. Step 2: The length of the prism is 15 in. Step 3: The volume of the given triangular prism =

How to Calculate the Volume of a Triangular Prism

What is the formula for triangular volume? The area of a triangle is A=12bh. Essentially, to find to the volume of the triangular prism, you are multiplying the area of the triangle times the length

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Volume of a Triangular Prism

Step 2: We know that the volume of a triangular prism is equal to B × l. Substitute the given value of base area and length in the formula. Step 3: So, the volume of triangular