How to find x and y intercepts from equation

To find the equation of the line whose x and y-intercepts are a and b we have to use the following formula. x/a + y/b = 1. Here, x -intercept (a) = 2 and y -intercept (b) = 3. x/2 + y/3 = 1 (3x + 2y)/6 = 1. 3x + 2y = 6. 3x + 2y - 6 = 0. Part (ii) :-1/3

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Find the X and Y Intercepts of a Line Using Algebra

!The x and y intercept in an equation of a line or a curve can be found by alternatively substituting x = 0 and y = 0 in the equation of the line. For a line having the equation ax + by + c = 0, the

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How do I find the x and y intercepts of an equation?

Finding x x - and y y - Intercepts Given a Polynomial Function. Step 1: Find the y y -intercept of the polynomial f(x) f ( x) by evaluating f(0) f ( 0). The y y -intercept is the point (0,f(0
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Finding the x and y Intercepts

Put y = 0 in the equation to get the x-intercept. => 0 = mx + c. Solve the equation for x. => mx = -c => x = -c/m. This derives the formula for x-intercept. Y Intercept Formula. The y

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