How to find y intercepts of a function

To find the y-intercept, we must substitute x = 0 in (1): After substituting the value of x as 0 in equation 1 we get, f (x) = -2 Therefore, the y-intercept of rational function f (x) = (x + 10) / (x - 5)

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Find the X and Y Intercepts of a Line Using Algebra

How to Find the Y Intercept of a Quadratic in Factored Form Lastly, you have factored form. Again, you simply plug 0 in as the value of x and solve. Here's an example. Let's

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y intercept

The y y -intercept of a function is a point where its graph would meet the y y -axis. The x x -coordinate of any point on the y y -axis is 0 0 and we use this fact to derive the formula

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Intercepts of a Function Equation & Graph

Step 1: Find the y y -intercept of the polynomial f(x) f ( x) by evaluating f(0) f ( 0). The y y -intercept is the point (0,f(0)) ( 0, f ( 0)) . g(0) = 0 g ( 0) = 0 The y y