How to find correlation coefficient from regression equation

If we have one independent variable, then the given regression coefficient β = Pearson's r. This is not correct. A simple argument is that regression coefficients are not bounded between [-1,1]

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Now, first, calculate the intercept and slope for the regression. Calculation of Intercept is as follows, a = ( 350 * 120,834 ) – ( 850 * 49,553 ) / 6 * 120,834 – (850) 2 a = 68.63 Calculation of Slope is as follows, b = (6 * 49,553) – (850
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11. Correlation and regression

The formula for the Pearson’s r is complicated, but most computer programs can quickly churn out the correlation coefficient from your data. In a simpler form, the formula divides the covariance between the variables by the

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