How to find cosine from sine

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If cos A = 5/13, how do you find sinA and tanA?

sin ( 90° - A ) = cos (A) = b / h. and. sin ( 90° - B ) = cos (B) = a / h. To keep going: tan (A) = a / b. tan (B) = b / a. cot (A) = b / a. cot (B) = a / b. sec (A) = h / b. sec (B) = h / a. csc (A) = h / a. csc
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Trigonometry Calculator. Simple way to find sin, cos, tan, cot

Two Methods of algebraically finding cosine (theta) given sine (theta).

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Sine, Cosine, Tangent

How To: Given the sine of some angle \displaystyle t t and its quadrant location, find the cosine of \displaystyle t t. Substitute the known value of sin ( t) \displaystyle \sin \left (t\right) sin(t) into

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