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How to find equation of tangent line at a point

1. Sketch the function and tangent line (recommended). A graph makes it ea2. Take the first derivative to find the equation for the slope of the tangent l3. Enter the x See more

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How do you find the equation of the tangent line to the graph

Formula for the equation of the tangent line. You’ll see it written different ways, but in general the formula for the equation of the tangent line is???y=f(a)+f'(a)(x-a)??? When a problem asks you to find the equation of the

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Finding the equation of the tangent line at a point

The equation of the tangent line is y − 2 3 = − 3 3 ( x − 2) For reference, the graph of the curve and the tangent line we found is shown below. Advertisement Normal Lines Suppose we have a a tangent line to a function. The function and

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Tangent Line Calculator

y = f (a) + f' (a) (x-a) Here a is the x-coordinate of the point you are calculating the tangent line for. So in our example, f (a) = f (1) = 2. f' (a) = -1. Therefore the general formula gives: y = 2 + -1 * (x - 1) = 2 -x + 1 = -x + 3. This is indeed the

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