How to find first term of arithmetic sequence

nth term (of arithmetic progression) = a+ (n-1)d. a= first term of arithmetic progression. n= number of terms in the arithmetic progression. d= common difference. Example: 2,4,6,8.

How can I find the first term in an arithmetic sequence?

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n-th Term of an Arithmetic Sequence

This arithmetic sequence has the first term {a_1} = 4 a1 = 4, and a common difference of −5. Since we want to find the 125 th term, the n n value would be n=125 n = 125. The following are
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Find the First Term of the Arithmetic Sequence if

Let's find the first term of the sequence whose 3 rd term is 15, and the 7 th term is 35. Let the first term be 'a' and the common difference be 'd'. Using the formula to find nth term, we get: ⇒

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How do I find the first term of an arithmetic sequence?

👉 Learn how to determine the first five terms of an arithmetic sequence. A sequence is a list of numbers/values exhibiting a defined pattern. A number/value

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