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How to find q1 and q3 with even numbers

Q3 in case 20 values, so its indexes is 0 19 quartile3 index is 19*0.75 = 14.25 and quartile3 value Q3 = 0.75*12+0.25*13 = 12.25 Question2 Your Quartile calculator has an

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4.5.1 Calculating the range and interquartile range

Inter Quartile Range= Q3 – Q1 = 8 – 4.5 = 3.5 Outlier is mostly a value higher or lower than 1.5 * IQR =1.5 * IQR =1.5 * 3.5 = 5.25 Next Tutorials with Similar Topics Type of Data that can be

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Interquartile Range (IQR): What it is and How to Find it

to calculate Q1 and Q3, you must first find Q2 - the median. count from wither end of the sample until you find the sole middle number, or find the average of the 2 middle

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Interquartile Range

There are four different formulas to find quartiles: Formula for Lower quartile (Q1) = N + 1 multiplied by (1) divided by (4) Formula for Middle quartile (Q2) = N + 1 multiplied by (2) divided

Quartile Formula

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