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One thing though you will probably need a decent camera. Big help with math. That's so helpful for every person that need a teacher for solving the math problems. This app is more than a calculator, you also need to try it. And one more addition, maybe a dark mode can be added in the application.

Maurice Victoria

I don't recommend it for quick use, rather use the steps to learn. You can just snap a pic, and boom, answer. Still a great one if you're struggling in math, well worth annual subscription for helping kids with High school math.

Blake Holt

You are a life saver I wouldnt understand or get any questions right if it wasnt for this app it Truly taught me Ways how to do things better than my teachers would have if they explained it. App gives the Correct Answer every time Love being able to just take a Picture of my math and it answers it.

Ernest Clifford

Partial Differentiation

Step 1: Identify the function {eq}f (x) {/eq} for which we are taking its first derivative at the point {eq}x=a, \ f' (a) {/eq}. Step 2: Choose either the difference quotient or instantaneous rate

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Basic differentiation review (article)

We know that the derivative of linear function f (x) = ax + b is equal to a, where a, b are real numbers. For f (x) = x, we have a = 1 and b = 0. Using these facts, we get the derivative of x
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