How to find the root of an equation

The above mentioned formula is what used for the calculation of the quadratic roots and in order to apply this formula we first have to get our equation right in accordance to ax²+bx+c=0 and get the separate values of the


Algebra II : Finding Roots

2 * 5 =10 2 + 5 = 7. –2 * –5 = 10 –2 + –5 = –7 Good! 2) Now factor by grouping, pulling x out of the first pair and -5 out of the second. 3) Now pull out the common factor, the (x-2), from
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How to Find the Roots of a Quadratic Equation

roots\:-6x^{2}+36x-59 ; roots\:x^{2}-x-6; roots\:x^{2}-1; roots\:x^{2}+2x+1; roots\:2x^{2}+4x-6

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