3.6: Linear Independence and the Wronskian

A set of vectors are linearly independent if there doesn’t exist non-trivial solutions to the equation c₁v₁ + c₂v₂ + + cnvn = 0v Other Ways to Find Linear Dependence/Independence Not

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Linear Independence and the Wronskian

The first method is to compare the two functions. Two functions are linearly independent on some open interval if neither function is a scalar multiple of the other. Let's look at some examples: Example 1: Determine whether the two

Linear Independence and the Wronskian

3 Answers. Sorted by: 4. I think you can use a more elementary method. {x2, sinx, cosx} are linearly independent iff ax2 + bsinx + ccosx = 0 a, b, c = 0. But, if ax2 + bsinx + ccosx
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Differential Equations

A set of linearly independent vectors {} has ONLY the zero (trivial) solution for the equation . Linear Dependence Alternatively, if or , the set of vectors is said to be linearly

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