Finding Domain, Range and Asymptotes of Rational Functions

The function y=|ax+b|y=|ax+b| is defined for all real numbers. So, the domain of the absolute value function is the set of all real numbers. The absolute value of a number always results in a non-negative value. Thus, the range of an absolute value function of the form y=|ax+b|y=|ax+b| is y∈R|y≥0y∈R|y≥0. The domain and range See more

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Lesson Explainer: Domain and Range of a Rational Function


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Rational Function

Find the Domain and Range from Equations. Let \(y=f(x)\) be the function we need to find the domain and the range. Step 1: Solve the equation to determine the values of the independent

Domain and Range of Rational Functions


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Domain and Range of Radical and Rational Functions

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