How to tell if something is differentiable

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Identifying a Continuous Function that May Fail to

Well, the easiest way to determine differentiability is to look at the graph of the function and check to see that it doesn’t contain any of the “problems” that cause the instantaneous rate of change to become undefined


Its derivative is (1/3)x- (2/3) (by the Power Rule) At x=0 the derivative is undefined, so x (1/3) is not differentiable, unless we exclude x=0. At x=0 the function is not defined so it makes no sense to ask if they are differentiable there. To be

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How to determine whether this function is differentiable at a

A function is said to be differentiable if the derivative of the function exists at all points in its domain. Particularly, if a function f (x) is differentiable at x = a, then f′ (a) exists in the domain. Let us look at some examples of polynomial and

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The function f is differentiable at x if lim

Check if Differentiable Over an Interval f (x) = 4x − 2 f ( x) = 4 x - 2 , (1,3) ( 1, 3) Find the derivative. Tap for more steps 4 4 Find if the derivative is continuous on (1,3) ( 1, 3). Tap for more


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