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Instantaneous Rate of Change

Step 1: Enter the function and the specific point in the respective input field Step 2: Now click the button “Find Instantaneous Rate of Change” to get the output Step 3: Finally, the rate of
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Lays out the steps beautifully. Keep it up man, amazing©, i am a user of this app and yes it help a lot though the hassle of this is needs a load all the time. But, why This app loading very often? So I must wait for a long minutes until the answer appear.

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90 percent of the problems i take a picture of can be done by the app, and it even shows you how they did it, cant reccomend it enough. This app is very good in trigonometry. Excellent app, it even teaches you how they got the answer with easy steps! I love it.

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Instantaneous Rate of Change — Lecture 8. The Derivative.

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