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Log function equation

Here are some examples of logarithmic functions: f (x) = ln (x - 2) g (x) = log 2 (x + 5) - 2 h (x) = 2 log x, etc.

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Logarithmic Functions

In this definition y =logbx y = log b x is called the logarithm form and by = x b y = x is called the exponential form. Note that the requirement that x > 0 x > 0 is really a result of the fact that we are also requiring b > 0 b > 0. If you

Logarithmic Functions

Log Equation Calculator full pad » Examples Related Symbolab blog posts High School Math Solutions – Exponential Equation Calculator Solving exponential equations is pretty

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Logarithmic Functions

The one-to-one property of logarithmic functions tells us that, for any real numbers x > 0, S > 0, T > 0 and any positive real number b, where b ≠ 1, logbS = logbT if and only if S = T For example, If log2(x−1) = log2(8),then x−1 = 8 So if

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Logarithmic Functions

You should note that the acceptable answer of a logarithmic equation only produces a positive argument. Example 1 Solve log 2 (5x + 7) = 5 Solution Rewrite the equation to exponential form

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