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So, you can calculate the probability of someone picking a red marble from bag A by taking 100 red marbles and dividing it by the 500 total marbles to get 0.2. For bag B, you

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This without a doubt would be the first thing I think of when my friend asks if I know any good calculators to help with simple or extremely complicated math, it comes with a camera and calculator functionality, along with some others, if you go to school, I suggest you get this app, it TEACHES you the steps on how to do the problem.

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How to Calculate Probability With and Without Replacement V2

An unbiased dice is thrown. What is the probability that the number is probability that numbers on the two faces product/multiple

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Picking Probability Calculator (Odds, Card, Marble)

C represents the combination operator. Example: Probability to draw $ k=5 $ red card among the $ m=26 $ red cards in a deck of $ N=52 $ cards by drawing $ n=5 $ cards. Example: Probability
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