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Problem 1 : Cindy bought 50 pens for $100. She then sold each pen for $2.50. Find the profit or loss percentage. Solution : Cost price of 50 pens = $100. Cost price of 1 pen = 100/50 = $2.

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Applications of Quadratic Functions Word Problems ISU Part A

Maximum Profit © Rev.6.25.03 Thus, the profit is maximized when the owner makes two and did the student solve the problem correctly? a.
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MAXIMUM AND MINIMUM WORD PROBLEMS Solution :. So, after 10 seconds the rocket will reach the maximum height. So, maximum height reached by the rocket is Solution :. So, 25

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Find the profit percentage. Solution: Given data: Let the cost price of the object be $ ‘a’ And selling price of the object be $ ‘b’ According to the question, the profit is tripled and

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