Mean of discrete random variable calculator

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Probability Distribution Calculator

Name of the random variable (Optional) Mean And Standard Deviation for a Probability Distribution More about the Mean And Standard Deviation for a Probability Distribution so you

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Calculating mean and standard deviation for a discrete

Standard Deviation Calculator. Standard deviation (σ) calculator with mean value & variance online. Population and sampled standard deviation calculator. Enter data values delimited with
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Variance calculator

Probability distributions calculator Enter a probability distribution table and this calculator will find the mean, standard deviation and variance. The calculator will generate a step by step

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Mean And Standard Deviation for a Probability Distribution

Answer: 3.4 In this case, X represents the number of classes. The possible values of X are 4 and 3, denoted x1 and x2, respectively; their proportions (probabilities) are equal to

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Discrete Random Variable Calculator

Whole population variance calculation. Population mean: Population variance: Sampled data variance calculation. Sample mean: Sample variance: Discrete random variable variance

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