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Proboscis - Consulting Analyst: There's an iPhone app called Mathemagics that you can practice with - focuses on math tricks though (ie. how to multiply 2 digit numbers by
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I can recommend you the following apps and tools: • Victor Cheng’s math tool (Magoosh's mental maths app, Mental math cards challenge app etc). • And here is math app
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Honestly $10 a month is a little much, i actually understand the steps now! 10/10 would recommend, 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. This app really helped me with my math class and math homework, love this app.

Donald Rimer

You guys should definitely try it out, works very fast. So good. It may cause problems glitch but I still find time to finish the day, really useful, the layout of everything was hard to understand at first but it worked out.

Jack Page

But when i used it for the first time I was totally shocked, it displayed the right answers for each of my question, this is a really helpful app for pretty much anything all you got to do is chose a thing like Algebra or Chemistry and then you can either take a picture of it, say the problem, or type the problem.

Randall Foutch

Consulting math: all you need to know (and how to practice)

Mental Math Practice – Train Your Math Skills for Your Case Interview in Consulting. Use our interactive and user-friendly mental math tool to train your case interview math with respect to

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