Multiple odds calculator

Math can be a challenging subject for many students. But there is help available in the form of Multiple odds calculator.

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Multiple Choice Probability Calculator

The chance of winning is 4 out of 52, while the chance against winning is 48 out of 52 (52-4=48). Entering A=4 and B=48 into the calculator as 4:48 odds are for winning you get. For 4 to 48 odds for winning; Probability of: Winning =

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Online Single & Multiple Event Probability Calculator

A multi bet combines a series of single bets into one wager. Our multi bet calculator allows you to calculate the return for your multi bet with any number of selections. You can choose to place

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Probability Calculator

Timeform's bet calculator helps you work out winnings for multiple bets. Combine the bets to calculate the acca and permutation betting totals using the odds you have placed the bets at.