Mutually exclusive probability calculator

Mutually Exclusive Events Formula If A and B are termed as the 2 sample spaces of the corresponding events such that (A ∩ B) = null set, then the probability of either of the events A

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Probability Calculator For Events and Conditional Probability

The formula for calculating mutually exclusive: P (A or B) = P (A) + P (B) Where; P (A or B) = Mutually Exclusive P (A) = xA ⁄ NA P (B) = xB ⁄ NB

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Calculate probabilities of mutually exclusive events

It is clear in this case that the events are mutually exclusive since a number cannot be both even and odd, so P (A U B) would be 3/6 + 3/6 = 1, since a standard dice only has odd and even

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