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Boddle is an interactive 3D game that makes learning and practicing math exciting and engaging! Used by thousands of schools, teachers, parents and students, Boddle is proven
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Our students say

Best app for learning how to figure out questions that confuse you :). I have been using it for about 2 years now, and I have loved using it every second. It has helped me enough to solve all my problems.

Ted Condon

Faster calculating speed, definitely recommended. This works wonders for my math homework, im working on algebra rn and its great when i get stumped on a problem. But math app I hope you can fix the camera but that doesn't matter cause I can just type, that's amazing.

Theodore Slay

It teaches us the method very well, this app allows me to snap a picture of the problem, get an answer plus optional steps to solving that problem, i have been using this app for quite some time now and i think it is a good app and every student is to use it, i like this app i tho it was fake because of other apps doest work but thank you for making this app, and really helpful and it was so hard to solved the problems.

Michael Reid