Primitive root modulo calculator

A primitive root of a prime is an integer such that (mod ) has multiplicative order (Ribenboim 1996, p. 22). More generally, if ( and are relatively prime) and is of multiplicative

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Determine the number of primitive roots modulo n for n = 625.

Primitive Root Calculation. Select a prime number p and a number g (where g is your estimation of the primitive root of your prime number p). You may leave blank the g to calculate all of


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Online primitive root modulo n list or tool?

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Primitive Roots

Wolfram|Alpha Widgets Overview Tour Gallery Sign In. Primitive Roots. Primitive Roots. Of number. Submit. Added Aug 3, 2017 by EdgeOfInfinity in Web & Computer Systems. Returns a

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What is the primitive root of 18? How do I calculate it?

Primitive Roots Calculator Enter a prime number into the box, then click submit. It will calculate the primitive roots of your number. The first 10,000 primes, if you need some inspiration.
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Finding the least primitive root (mod p)

Free Modulo calculator - find modulo of a division operation between two numbers step by step

Primitive Roots Calculator

1- euler totient function phi = n-1 [assuming n is prime] 1- find all prime factors of phi. 2- calculate all powers to be calculated further using (phi/prime-factors) one by one. 3-

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